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East Gardens, Ditchling, Sussex BN6 8ST

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Britain Yearly Meeting formerly London Yearly Meeting


Other Meetings

It may be that another Meeting House is more convenient for you and the following are a list of Meeting Houses in this region or if you are further afield you could find your Nearest Quaker Meeting


FMH, Ship St., BN1 1AF
9.30 am (Quiet Room). 10.30 am
Also Wednesday 12.30 pm (Quiet Room).

FMH, Wish Rd.

BN21 4NX
10.30 am

FMH, West End BN27 4NR
10.45 am

FMH, Friars Walk, BN7 2LE
10.30 am.

FMH, 23 Church St. BN17 5EL
10.30 am

Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes
11.00 am.

Also Wednesday 3.30 pm

In the coffee room of The Little Theatre, Steyne Rd. BN25
10.30 am

Halcyon Club, 2 Tarmount Lane BN43 6DA
10.00 am

FMH, The Blue Idol, Coolham, Nr. Horsham, RH13 8QP
10.30 am

FMH, rear of 34 Mill Rd. BN11
10.45 am


Every effort is made to keep this information up to date but because there is no special priesthood, the work of Quakers or Friends is shared between members of the Meeting and is therefore rotated.

Telephone Contact

Telephone numbers can be found in business section of an up-to-date telephone book under Q for Quakers.

Children & Young People

Most Meetings warmly welcome children and have special arrangements, such as Children's Meeting and/or creches. However, some are very small, with only a few Members, and find it difficult to support such facilities. In general most Meetings ask for prior notice if you intend to bring children (especially during the holidays), so please be prepared to make a further telephone call to discuss arrangements for children if this is appropriate.

Disabled Access

Most Meeting Houses have easy access for the physically disabled, some do not. Many Meetings have acoustic loop systems, or other aids to hearing.


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